PHOENIX Patented Regeneration Process is Innovative,

Energy Efficient and Ready for your Market

Using a novel thermo-mechanical process that uses highly controllable adaptive temperature control and zero chemical additives, Phoenix Innovation Technology provides the highest output per dollar of any true devulcanizing process in the world. 
The process and proprietary core equipment used in a Phoenix facility is the result of over a decade in continuous improvement and innovation. Our Canadian facility is state-of-the-art and able to produce commercial quantities of Regenerated Rubber for use in a wide range of compounds. 

Regenerated Rubber for Every Rubber Compound Market 

Phoenix regenerated rubber is as close as you can get to devulcanized rubber, and is ready for use in any of a wide range of industrial compounds. 
The Regenerated Rubber enables cost effective production of rubber products that meet the most stringent of specifications, with consistency at all levels of quality control. 
Depending on the application, target compounds can use anywhere from 10 to100 Parts per Hundred Rubber (PHR) regenerated content, with increasing profitability, environmental stability and the maintenance of a circular economy. 

Research and Development Partners

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