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Today we are Experiencing Only the Leading Edge of the Regenerated Rubber Market

The global market for recycled rubber, including that which uses regenerated rubber is expected to reach over $6B by 2026 amid favorable regulator actions and increased public scrutiny for circular economies and environmentally conscious corporate activity. 
Markets for recycled rubber span the full ecosystem of industrial, agricultural and consumer markets, from tires and automotive products to footwear, molded rubber goods and more. These markets are experiencing rapid growth in demand in all regions of the globe.
Regenerated rubber provides a sustainable manner in which high quality rubber products can make it in into performance based rubber markets around the world.
The Rubber market is set to exceed $60B by 2026, a CAGR of 5.1% over the next five years. With the rapidly increasing need to reduce the reliance on purely natural and synthetic based product, the Regenerated Rubber market is poised to grow at even higher rates 

Regenerated Rubber Products are Only Limited by Imagination

While much of recycled rubber products can be produced without regeneration of the feedstock, many performance based rubber products need to provide high levels of quality, specification and reliability. This is where Phoenix's patented regeneration process comes into play. 
The major target for regenerated rubber is in the use of tires, however many other applications exist that require performance fidelity and are primed for this emerging sector. Examples include rubber products used in dynamic vehicular applications, commercial products that are used in structural applications and any other product where high wear resistance and/or endurance is required. 
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