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History and Vision Drive PHOENIX

The driving force behind Phoenix is the innate desire to make a difference in an industry which has for over 100 years continuously produced unacceptable amounts of waste and negative environmental impact.
It is now time for the rubber industry to effectively enter a circular economy! 
In earlier initiatives Jean Prevost, the President of Phoenix, created upcycling product from scrap rubber that revolutionized the artificial turf industry creating a sustainable industry that is the benchmark for that market today. You can see how this early vision for FieldTurf changed the sporting world and established an enduring industry that made a difference in the following video. 
But that was just a start..
Todays vision at Phoenix does not stop at upcycling scrap rubber, the focus is now on Regeneration of the waste source into performance based rubber products that reduce the need for raw material, lower energy requirements and lessen the burden on natural and synthetic rubber throughout the world.  


Jean Prévost, President

Jean is an innovator, a visionary and an inspiring leader. In the mid 90s he co-founded FieldTurf and revolutionized the artificial turf industry. With Phoenix, Jean now has a vision of revolutionizing scrap rubber management and making a positive impact on the environment on a global basis. 

Email   Tel: +1(514) 600-2264

Sylvain Martel, VP Operations and Technology 

Sylvain brings over 20 years experience in rubber recycling processes and is a visionary on design concepts for the next generation of devulcanizing systems. He has world-wide experience in the industry and a strong desire to change the manner in which the industry participates in the circular economy. 

Email   T
el: +1(514) 600-1609
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